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Governors Report 2015-2016

Our Acting Governing Body Chair, Janine Keel, writes:

What have Governors done this year?


This year has been extremely eventful with an OFSTED inspection, new teaching staff and a number of new governors joining the team. Mr. Ludlam has joined the governing body as teacher representative with another five people joining the team, Ian and Rachel Bradey, Gill Harteveld, Danielle Ellison and Zara Chapman. We always welcome new ideas and we are looking forward to working closely with all the new members.


We have continued to work closely with Mr Dodd and the school staff to ensure continued improvement to make our school a safe and special environment in which your children can come to learn. Although we know there are still areas for improvement, as outlined in the last OFSTED report, we are working hard to address them. Encouragingly leadership and management have been assessed as good and a strength of the school which will enable us to move forward and implement the changes needed.


Governors remain committed to coming into school on a regular basis to monitor all areas of school life, Safeguarding, Special Educational Needs, Early years, Health and safety, Finance, the school website, the curriculum, Headteacher and staff appraisal, to name but a few. This monitoring has enabled us to understand more fully the organisation of school and to have an impact on school life through accountability and partnership.


The collaboration and our partnership with Caunton Dean Hole and Kneesall Primary schools continues to work effectively. We are certainly moving in the right direction as collaborative working is increasingly seen as the way forward for schools. The governing body and Mr. Dodd are currently forging more links through the Minster family of schools by attending regular meetings. This is a positive step forward and can only strengthen our position.


Finally, it is important that we all work together to make our school better thus ensuring the education your children deserve. Our aim is that we create an environment where children can grow and learn in safety and become the very best that they can be. Please support us in achieving that aim and let’s move forward together.